Use of Cookie: The ergocreo.io website makes use of Cookie to make its services simple and efficient, for Clients and Hosts, in this document technically referred to as “Users”, who navigate the content of ergocreo.io. Users will see stored small information packages, in their devices, desktop computers, smartphones or tablets, in the form of small text files called Cookie. These files will be stored in the directories of the User’s web browser.


Technical Cookie This type of Cookie allows for a correct functioning of some website sections. These belong to two distinct categories, persistent and session based:
  • Persistent: once the browser is closed they are not destroyed, they remain until a defined expiration date;
  • Session based: each time the browser is closed they are cancelled;
These Cookie, sent by our web domain, are necessary for a correct visualization of the website and for the correct functioning of the technical offered services, these will always be sent except if the User modifies the settings of its web browser (invalidating the correct visualization of some web content).
Analytical Cookie Cookie belonging to this category are used for collecting information on the web site usage. ergocreo.io will use this information for running anonymous statistical analysis with the goal of improving the User Experience. This type of Cookie collects anonymous data on Users’ activity and on how Users arrive on the website. Analytical Cookie are sent by the website itself or by third-party web domains.
Cookie for third-party service analysis These Cookie are used with the goal of collecting information on the usage of the website by Users in anonymous form: visited pages, page visit duration, origin of the incoming traffic, geographical origin, age, gender and interests with the goal of running marketing campaigns. These Cookie are sent by external third-party.
Cookie for third-party software support: This type of Cookie includes functionalities develop by third-party within ergocreo.io, for illustrative but not exhaustive purposes, icons and preferences chosen within social networks for supporting the sharing of website contents, third-party services for Maps generation and other softwares which offer extra services. These Cookie are sent by third-party or partner websites, who offer their functionalities within ergocreo.io website. According to the current legislation, ergocreo.io is not required to seek consent for technical and analytical Cookie, as they are necessary for delivering the required services. For all other types of Cookie, the consent can be voluntarily expressed by the User with one or more of the following modalities:
  • Modifying settings of the Web Browser or of the specific software used by the User for exploring the web contents;
  • Modifying settings for the usage of third-party services;
Both options could prevent the User to correctly use or visualize some website contents.


The website could include links to external websites which hold their own Privacy Policy. This could be different from the one adopted in this webiste. In no way Ergo Creo SRL is responsible for third-party websites.


Google Chrome
  • After having launched Chrome, click on the Menu icon, next to the URL bar, in the settings toolbar;
  • Select Settings> Advanced Options;
  • Under Privacy select the button Content Settings;
  • Under the section Cookie is possible to modify the following options relative to the Cookie:
    • Allow for the storage of data locally;
    • Modify local data only until the browser gets closed;
    • Don’t allow websites to set Cookie;
    • Stop Cookie and data of third-party websites;
    • Handle the exceptions for some websites;
    • Cancel one or all Cookie;
For more information on Google Chrome and Cookie visit the following Link.

Mozilla Firefox
  • After having launched the Browser Mozilla Firefox, click on the Menu icon, next to the URL bar, in the settings toolbar;
  • Select Options > Privacy > Show Advanced Options;
  • Under Privacy select the button Content Settings;
  • Under Tracking is possible to modify the following options:
    • Request the websites to avoid any tracking;
    • Communicate websites your consent to be tracked;
    • Don’t communicate any preferences relative to the tracking of personal data;
    • Cancel selected Cookie;
Under Chronology it is possible to activate the option Use Custom Preferences and choose to accept third-party Cookie: always, most visited websites, never. It is also possible to choose how to store Cookie: until expiration date, until the Web Browser is open or ask every time;

For more information on Mozilla Firefox visit the following Link.

Internet Explorer
  • After having launched the Browser Internet Explorer click Tools > Internet Options;
  • Select Privacy > Settings;
  • Select the desired option:
    • Stop all Cookie;
    • Allow all Cookie;
    • Select website for which take Cookie > Websites, in the box Website Address input the url of a selected website and choose Stop or Allow;
For more information on Internet Explorer visit the following Link.

  • Open the Browser Safari;
  • Select Preferences > Privacy;
  • In the section Stop Cookie specify how the Web Browser will handle Cookie from websites;
  • For monitoring which websites have stored Cookie on your device click on Details;
For more information on Safari visit the following Link.

  • Start Opera Browser, select Preferences > Advanced > Cookie;
  • Select one of the following:
    • Allow all Cookie;
    • Allow only Cookie for the website you are visiting: third-party Cookie and those sent from a web domain different from the current one will be declined;
    • Never accept Cookie: all Cookie will never be saved;
For more information on Opera visit the following Link.


This page is visible and accessible through a link, within the Footer of all ergocreo.io web pages, according to the article 122. second subsection of the Italian legislation 196/2003 and following the simplified modality for the Policy and consent acquisition for the usage of Cookie published by the Italian Gazzetta Ufficiale n° 126 on the 03/06/2014 and relative legislation registry n° 229 published on the 08/05/2014.