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Prototiping Skills

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We offer communications tools which connect two distant worlds.
On one side there is a conceptual design idea, on the other cutting-edge digital crafting skills, Ergo Creo joins them.

3D Modeler interface

ErgoCreo - shape your ideas faster

  • No plug-in needed
  • Easy 3D file upload
  • Synchronized 3D tagging
  • Instant 3D measurements
  • Geometry revision history
  • Project reports (coming soon ..)

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Full-featured 3D communication dashboard


  • Can’t explain project details? Synchronized 3D Viewer
  • Instant messaging
  • Don’t picture it, say it! Free VOIP service
  • Private and secure project data storage

End user interface

ErgoCreo - shape your ideas faster

  • No need of 3D modeling skills
  • You focus on the conceptual design, we worry about the rest
  • Sketch and comment in 3D
  • Share your prototype with anyone
  • 3D print your design when ready!
  • Project reports (coming soon ..)

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Professional Match

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3D Expert Pack

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Free access to our interface
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Full support from our Team
Unlimited 3D Tagging, VoIP, messaging and 3D Synch
1 project worth of 1GB
1 year subscription


Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to innovate the way you collaborate with professional designers, facing together the development of new products and ideas.

We facilitate the adoption of professional 3D printing for your business, providing you with the right collaborators, tools and privacy needed for finalizing a prototyping project in the shortest time and with the minimal effort.

About us

We are a team of experts, facing daily challenges at 360°, from the digital to the fabrication industry, making creative ideas become tangible.

Our team has established experience in:

  • 3D Printing-oriented modeling software
  • Cutting-edge rapid prototyping hardware
  • 3D visualization/interaction & sincronyzation web tools
  • Technology adoption consultancy

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